UFC Live on Versus 6: Cruz vs. Johnson Full Fight card and video Predictions

UFC on Versus 6: Dominick ‘The Dominator’ Cruz vs. Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson is going down tomorrow evening, it’s a free card with a Championship Belt on the line, the Bantamweight Belt at that.

The last time Dominick Cruz defended his belt was against Urijah Faber on PPV, now he’s on free TV (well cable TV on a non premium channel) while Uriah Faber is scheduled for an upcoming PPV. What does this mean? It means Cruz isn’t a draw, it means the UFC hopes to push him, or if Mighty Mouse wins, to push him as one of the faces of the lighter weight classes. Currently Faber reigns supreme as the most recognizable lighter weight fighter with Jose Aldo a distant second. The UFC needs stars in the Bantam,Fly and Feather weight classes quickly, especially with Fox on board.

Luckily, we get a free championship fight. I for one am excited, as usual, my predictions are above in the video for those that don’t like to read and below in green. Enjoy.

Preliminary card

  • Bantamweight bout: United States Walel Watson vs. United States Joseph Sandoval
    Walel Watson 
  • Welterweight bout: United States Josh Neer vs. United States Keith Wisniewski
    Josh Neer 
  • Lightweight bout: United States Shane Roller vs. Canada TJ Grant
    Shane Roller 
  • Bantamweight bout: United States Mike Easton vs. United States Byron Bloodworth
    Mike Easton 
  • Lightweight bout: United States Michael Johnson vs. England Paul Sass
    Paul Sass 
  • Lightweight bout: The Bahamas Yves Edwards vs. Brazil Rafaello Oliveira
    Yves Edwards 

Main card

  • Lightweight bout: United States Matt Wiman vs. United States Mac Danzig

    Mac Danzig is ready and willing to avenge his loss, his controversial loss at the hands of Matt Wiman, for that, and his ridiculously scary/cool name, I’m going with Danzig. See, it’s just metal to say I’m going with Danzig to win. 
  • Welterweight bout: United States Anthony Johnson vs. United States Charlie Brenneman

    I can’t bring myself to go against Charlie Brenneman. I think Anthony Johnson has the edge, but I just feel like Brenneman will grind out a win. Charlie Brenneman by decision.
  • Heavyweight bout: United States Pat Barry vs. Netherlands Stefan Struve

    Pat Barry is much shorter than Stefan Struve, like 2 feet shorter. Leading many to believe he’s at a huge disadvantage, however, since Struve is the tallest heavyweight in the UFC, it doesn’t make sense to give him the advantage in this fight when he’s always taller than his opponent. Something he will probably be for his entire career.  Pat Barry by decison
  • Bantamweight Championship: United States Dominick Cruz (c) vs. United States Demetrious Johnson

    Mighty Mouse might be the smallest fighter in the UFC, Cruz might be the fastest moving fighter in the UFC, put them together and you have the makings of the best fight, or worst fight eva! I’m picking who I want to win, I’m willing it. Not who I think will win.  I’m going with Might Mouse by decision. Here I come to save the day!