UFC Live on Versus Predictions

I’m having a hard time seeing straight, not sure if I’m gonna be able to finish this one before the Sailor Jerry Rum takes over. Hail to the Sailor.

Main card

Welterweight bout: Nate Marquardt vs. Rick Story Rick Story vs. Charlie Brenneman
Marquardt is dropping down in weight, which could pose some new challenges, will he be slowed by the cut? How will his strength hold up? I didn’t see the weigh ins, so I’m not sure how he looked physically. Story, on the other hand, is always game. His nickname should be Rick ‘I’ll take a fight on 15 minutes notice’ Story. This is a no lose sitation for Story. He’s riding a nice win streak, and a solid win over Thiago Alves. I think the weight cut and Story’s momentum will give him the edge. Charlie Brenneman has stepped in for Marquardt who pulled out of the bout at the last minute. No reason given as of yet. Charlie has a win over Jason High (who won a decision victory last night on Strikeforce Challengers) aside from the last minute opponent change, I find this bout less challenging for Story. Props to Charlie for stepping up. Story by decision.

Heavyweight bout: Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry
Cheick Kongo is the proud owner of a very singular title/record, he has successfully landed an ‘inadvertant’ growing strike in nearly every bout in his UFC career, in some cases, multiple ‘inadvertant’ growing strikes. Causing a few MMA Journalists (a term I use loosely, we here at MRT do not consider ourselves journalists) to name him the ‘dirtiest fighter’ in MMA. Kongo took it very personally and threatened a few of ‘Journalists’ with bodily harm. Pat Barry is an internet personality, he is entertaining and often funny. Both have similiar skill sets, however Kongo is coming off a long layoff which in my mind gives Barry the edge. Pat Barry by decision.

Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. John Howard
This is most likely a do or die bout for both fighters. Brown is 0-3 in his last 3, and Howard is 1-2 in his last 3, a loss by either will most likely result in being cut from the roster. Both fighters have lost to top talent, I am going with Howard by decision.

Heavyweight bout: Matt Mitrione vs. Christian Morecraft
Matt Mitrione is riding a perfect record, and appears to be improving with each fight. He recently switched fight camps to join Duke Roufus at Roufusport. I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of the fighters under the Roufusport banner. Duke Roufus is a solid trainer with a good eye for exciting fighters. Morecraft is coming off a win over Sean McCorkle (Mitrione’s friend) after a loss to Struve (after dominating him until eating a haymaker). If Mitrione comes in with a little better cardio than we’ve seen previously, I believe Mitrione has the skills and physical strength to take the decision.

Preliminary card (Facebook)

Featherweight bout: Tyson Griffin vs. Manvel Gamburyan
We are seeing a number of fighters dropping down to the lighter weight classes, some are going to their natural weight class, others are looking for that advantage gained by being a bigger fighter in a smaller weight class. Gamburyan is a fighter who excelled at the lighter weight class, it remains to be seen if Griffin will do the same. Gamburyan is coming off of a devastating knockout loss at the hands of the Featherweight King Jose Aldo, while Griffin is….well Griffin. I go with Griffin. (I think)

Featherweight bout: Joe Stevenson vs. Javier Vazquez
Joe Daddy vs. Showtime in a bout I feel is hardest to call. Joe Daddy has 3 losses in a row, and a tendency to be a one dimensional fighter. He’s not a 1 dimensional fighter, he has a tendency to fall into that mode. Showtime doesn’t seem like a consistent fighter (I know he’s won his last 2 of 3) he hasn’t looked the same to me since his torn acl. Joe Daddy is on the verge of losing his spot on the roster, he’s angry at Showtime, but he’s cutting to a new weight class. Showtime is eager to prove himself on the bigger stage, plus he doesn’t have many years left to make a title run. I’m gonna go with Joe Daddy from a fan perspective only. (Showtime has more than a good shot of winning this by sub)

Lightweight bout: Joe Lauzon vs. Curt Warburton
I’ve never been a real fan of Luazon, either of them. Joe is a solid fighter with great cardio and a stellar skillset, I have always felt he’s been ranked above his true placement. This fight is a step up for Warburton, possibly a ‘tune up’ or ‘confidence building’ bout for Luazon. I don’t count Warburton out. Against my better judgement, I pick Luazon for the win by Decision.

Welterweight bout: Daniel Roberts vs. Rich Attonito
Not much to say…Attonito by sub. (why the hell not)

Lightweight bout: Nik Lentz vs. Charles Oliveira
Oliveira is a submission wizard, he is exhilarating to watch. Lentz is a solid fighter with a good string of victories. I believe this is a step in the right direction for both fighters. It will be a hard won victor for either side, I have to go with Oliveira, I feel his recent loss was due to a slip in concentration, something he will have learned from and hopefully never allow to happen again.

Featherweight bout: Ricardo Lamas vs. Matt Grice
Not familiar with either of these fighters, eenie, meeenie, miney, moe….Grice by KO/TKO

Lightweight bout: Michael Johnson vs. Edward Faaloloto
Faaloloto fights out of Chris Leben’s gym (Leben is one of my all time favorite fighters) which gives him some hope in my eyes. Johnson put up a good fight against Brookins for a round and a half. If his cardio is up to par, this could be a real 3 round slugfest. I give it to Johnson based upon his experience.

That’s it!

Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.