UFC making more Igor Pokrajacs?

Igor Pokrajac was pissed. Faced with returning UFC vet Vinny Magalhaes, he set out to give the crowd a fight, but got arm-barred early in the second round and was forced to tap.

After the fight, he tweeted angrily:

If I wanted to do a grappling match I would go on a grappling tournament. This is MMA and UFC fans want a fight.

Now, we all know the ground game is pretty much a defining aspect of MMA. Maghalhaes might have tweeted back “If I wanted only stand-up I would’ve fought in K-1” but he didn’t. Maghalhaes has said that he understands the frustration from his own losses.

At UFC in Australia (UFC on FX 6), two more matches may produce the same frustrations, as UFC matchmakers pit stand-up strikers against submission fighters.

Both Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares and Joey Beltran vs. Anthony Perosh could easily end with frustrated fighters Lombard and Beltran.

As we saw at UFC 152 with Demetrius Johnson vs. Joseph Benevidez, audiences want action. Even in an action-packed fight like that, they got frustrated. Seeing an otherwise exciting fighter being held down and grappling until submitted will bring out the boos.

The other side of that could be shorter events, as Ryan Jimmo demonstrated on Anthony Perosh…


Not exactly a win-win for audiences…