UFC on FOX Press Conference

The video is the press conference sped up and a few minutes with Dana White, for the full press conference go to our youtube site.

The UFC on Fox press conference was yesterday at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Ca. I had the privilege of attending. It was a surreal experience, if you watched the press conference live, you know the crowd was rowdy, and almost all there for current Champ Cain Velasquez. Much different from today’s UFC 135 press conference in Denver , Co. The day started out with a nice drive on our lovely 110 freeway, then a nice long drive through LA streets until I got to the W.

I wasn’t able to get press passes prior to the event, however, I was lucky enough to spot Dana White in a back hallway near the restrooms. I got a pic with him, asked a few questions and  then was on my way, when I got to the front, security would not even let me near the press table to try and talk my way in. Security told me to go into the fan area, because I would not have any chance of getting authorization for the press area. The security guard was very cool, he was his job and was very polite about it. I told him “Hold on, I may be able to find a back door.” To which he looked at me strangely as I walked away. I went back to where I had seen Dana White earlier, he was still there. I called him back over and asked “Hey Dana, could you do me a huge favor?” His reply…”Sure, what do you need?” He didn’t say, “I don’t know” or “It depends on what you need”, he said “Sure, what do you need?” I was already impressed. I told him my predicament with the press passes, he walked over, put his hand on my shoulder and laughingly said “Do you have some rinky dink lil’ website, come on bro tell me the truth, don’t bullsh!t me.” I laughed and said, “It’s new, we’ve only been around a few months.” Let me first point out, he wasn’t being disrespectful to me or my site, he was kidding around. Within seconds, he called over an assistant, told her to walk me in and make sure I got on the press list. Classy move, he had no reason to help me, or get me into the press area, other than he looks out for the fans. Thank you again Dana White.

It was a great event for me since it was my first one. I will be prepared with a list of questions next time, as well as a camer crew. It was only me running the camera, taking photos and asking questions. A bit overwhelming to say the least. Unfortunately I had prior commitments, so I was unable to get interviews with Cain or JDS, next time I will not be so rushed.

Check out the photos below.

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