Uncle Creepy vs. Mighty Mouse: Friday!

UFC on FX 3 is coming this Friday and I can’t wait!

I’m one of those guys that love the heavyweights but until fairly recently could care less about the little guys, punching each other and never getting tired… But these two… wow! Don’t get me wrong: I loved UFC 146 so much yet this is the main event fight I’ve been looking forward to for months!

Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall vs. Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

The first bout was a barn-burner! A true fight to the finish—with no “finish”. A war for the entire time. It should’ve gone to an extra round. I believe it was, to that point, a draw.

This is one case where a judging mix-up makes me very happy: we don’t just get one extra round of these two going toe-to-toe—we potentially get three!

I can’t wait until Friday!