UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann

UFC on FX is gonna be exciting. The Flyweight Tournament is gonna be wild. Joseph Benavidez, Ian McCall, Demetrious Johnson and Yasuhiro Urushitani! These guys are 2 of the best in the division with 2 135lb division stand outs dropping to their natural weight class for a chance at the belt. It’s gonna be Tachi Palace Fights on the big stage, with the best of the best from Flyweight on display. The rest of the card looks fun, Thiago and Kampmann should be a war and the prelims have a few interesting matches, plus, you know the prelims deliver more often than not. This is a great ‘free’ card, Flyweights rule!

My picks are in green, leave your picks in the comments section and as always, Enjoy.

Main card

  • Welterweight bout: Brazil Thiago Alves vs. Denmark Martin Kampmann

    Thiago Alves is coming off one of his best performances to date. Kampmann is coming off a win over the last guy to beat Alves. Kampmann by most accounts won his last two fights regardless of what the judges decided. He put a beating on Diego Sanchez and outworked a very sub par jake Shields at his WW debut only to wind up with 2 decision losses in a row. Thiago is known for his power while Kampmann is known for good standup and solid submissions. This is a tough fight to call, Kampmann has a good chin, as does Alves, will Alves make weight? He’s still got Mike Dolce in his corner, and he made it no problem last time. We won’t know till later. If he’s on weight and feeling fresh, I give Thiago the edge, if he’s not, then Kampmann will out work him and slap a sub on in the 3rd. I gonna be optimistic and say Alves makes weight and takes Kampmann out in the 2nd.
  • Flyweight bout: United States Joseph Benavidez vs. Japan Yasuhiro Urushitani

    Joseph Benavidez’s only lsses are to one Dominick Cruz, the reigning 135lb Champ. At 15-2, he’s a strong favorite for the FW belt. Yasuhiro Urushitani  has 6 draws on his record, 6 motherF23King Draws! Right off the bat, I’m questioning his drive, or maybe he’s just fought the best and they cancelled each other out. Is he the reason for the ‘Sudden Death’ Round? Hmmm, Yasuhiro is the Shooto Bantamweight Champ, and is riding a 5 fight win streak, at 19-4-6 I just can’t get past 6 draws, granted the last one was 2008. On one had we have a Judo/Boxer and on the other hand we have a Wrestler/Kickboxer. I’m of the opinion that good Kickboxing/Muay Thai beats Boxing most times in the Octagon™. I’m also of the opinion that Wrestling beats Judo most times, unless your name is Ronda Rousey or Akiyama. Yasuhiro is the dark horse in this bout, and I like to pick underdogs, but I gotta go with Benavidez, I feel he’s ready for anything Yasuhiro brings. Benavidez by sub.
  • Flyweight bout: United States Demetrious Johnson vs. United States Ian McCall

    THis is the fight I’m most excited to see. Demetrious Johnson is incredible. He fought Cruz and did a spectacular job, despite being substantially shorter. Ian McCall is considered the best FW in the world by many. I agree, his Tachi Palace Fights were great, he brings it, and brings it hard every fight. This will be a back and forth war at lightning speed, have your DVR ready, cause your’re gonna need to stop, rewind and slo mo several parts of this bout, I guarantee it. I’m gonna be okay with either fighter winning this one, I’m gonna pick Ian McCall for the win, but I’ll still be happy if Might Mouse wins. 
  • Middleweight bout: United States Court McGee vs. Cyprus Constantinos Philippou

    Court McGee and Constantinos Philippou have both had solid runs in the UFC. McGee last beat Dongi Yang while Philipou last beat Jared hamman by KO. McGee’s only loss is to Jeremy Horn, there’s no shame in a loss to Jeremy Horn, in fact, it’s almost an honor. Philipou has good good stand up and will probably look to keep the fight standing while McGee will most likely look to get the fight to the ground. I like McGee in this fight, I think his experience will be the factor. Court McGee by TKO/KO. 

Preliminary card

  • Featherweight bout: United States Mackens Semerzier vs. United States Daniel Pineda

     Daniel Pineda
  • Light Heavyweight bout: New ZealandJames Te Huna vs. United StatesAaron Rosa

    James Te huna TKO/KO
  • Light Heavyweight bout: AustraliaAnthony Perosh vs. CanadaNick Penner

    Nick Penner
  • Featherweight bout: United StatesCole Miller vs. United StatesSteven Siler

     Steven Siler
  • Middleweight bout: AustraliaKyle Noke vs. United States Andrew Craig

     Kyle Noke
  • Welterweight bout: United StatesTJ Waldburger vs. United StatesJake Hecht

    Jake Hecth
  • Heavyweight bout: EnglandOli Thompson vs. United StatesShawn Jordan

     Oli Thompson

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