UFC on FX: Melvin Guillard vs. Jim Miller Full Fight Card and predictions

UFC on FX! Yup, it’s the UFC’s first official FX fight card and they put together a card full of heavy hitters. Melvin Guillard, Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig, Josh Neer and Pat Barry might ring a bell for some of you. These guys kick/hit hard. There’s a potential for some spectacular T/KO’s. This is a good card for the LW division. Guillard and Miller are coming off of losse’s that derailed their title hopes. The winner of this bout should be able to get back into the title race pretty quickly. Call it a runner’s up eliminator match. Were the fighter with a loss gets a boost by beating another top LW with a recent loss. It’s a good way to introduce FX’s audience to a potential champion, or at the very least a LW personality they expect to have for sometime. I’m bummed that Ryan Jimmo pulled out of the bout due to injury. I was hoping to see him shine in the Octagon™. As always, My predictions are below in green. For those who don’t like to read, I’ve inclueded a video. Enjoy.

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Preliminary card (Fuel TV)

  • Bantamweight bout: United States Joseph Sandoval vs. Canada Nick Denis

    Joseph Sandoval go USA! 
  • Featherwight bout: United States Daniel Pineda vs. United States Pat Schilling
    Daniel Pineda.
  • Lightweight bout: Brazil Fabrício Camões vs. United States Tommy Hayden
    Tommy Hayden.
  • Welterweight bout: United States Charlie Brenneman vs. United States Daniel Roberts

    Charlie Brenneman. 
  • Lightweight bout: Iran Kamal Shalorus vs. Russia Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Khabib Nurmagomedov. 
  • Middleweight bout: United States Jorge Rivera vs. United States Eric Schafer

     Eric Schafer.

Main card

  • Heavyweight bout: United States Pat Barry vs. United States Christian Morecraft

    Pat Barry is always entertaining, Christian Morecraft is always game. For these 2 it’s all about the fight. Barry is on a 2 fight losing streak, he’s 2-4 in his UFC career, Morecraft is coming off a loss also. This is probably a do or die fight for Barry, which means we can expect more of the same fireworks we’ve come to expect from him. Morecraft has really changed his approach, losing weight and building muscle prior to the bout, he looked good at the weigh ins. Still, I’m a Pat Barry fan and think he’s gonna take it by way of T/KO. 
  • Bantamweight bout: United States Mike Easton vs. United States Jared Papazian

    Jared Papazian is a last minute replacement with a solid record and the King of the Cage belt, while Mike Easton is also making his UFC debut, with a 11-1 record. I like to root for the underdog, and in this fight Papazian is considered the underdog. I expect Mike to pressure Jared early and go for a finish. While I expect Jared to grind through each round and bring home the decision. Either way this fight looks fun, I’m gonna stick with the underdog…Jared Papazian by decision. 
  • Welterweight bout: United States Duane Ludwig vs. United States Josh Neer
    Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig and Josh Neer are known for putting on amazing fights. Ludwig holds a UFC KO record and Neer holds many anecdotes about his strategies in the Octagon™. Together, we know that this is the fight FOTN bonuses where made for. It’s tough to say who has the advantage here, were one is better, the other is crazier leading to a stalemate. Despite that, I’m gonna have to pick Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig for the win by T/KO.
  • Lightweight bout: United States Melvin Guillard vs. United States Jim Miller

    I thought Melvin was looking thinner, but he came it at 1/2 pound heavy with his shorts on. He weighed in at 156, he looks like he dropped some muscle, not a bad thing for him. It will increase his speed and his cardio. Melvin has power naturally, not just from his muscle. Miller is a submission machine. I mean it, there is a real possibility Miller is one of those robot bodies from Men in Black, with some alien controlling the movement, it’s only programmed to submit. I’m telling ya, this fight is gonna be great! Despite both coming off losses, and Guillard being susceptable to subs, I’m still gonna go with Melvin. I think he’s gonna be cautious enough to avoid the ground and T/KO Miller in the 2nd. Melvin Guillard by T/KO 2nd round. 

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