UFC on Versus Aftermath

So many questions, very few answers (except for the Marquardt situation, I still stand behind my earlier post. The whole truth was not told by Marquardt) after the UFC on Versus. Here are just a few I was left struggling with at the end of the night and after my last shot of Sailor Jerry.

Did the Kongo fight go too long?

I say yes. I know, he came back and finished Barry in  phenomenal style. The question is, was he ‘out’ and should the ref have stepped in earlier? Once again I say yes. Kongo was clearly out the second time he hit the mat, his legs went, his eyes rolled and he was flailing. Did he move to protect himself, yes he did. I maintain that was ‘reflex’, or ‘animal instinct’. These guys train for hundreds, if not thousands of hours. Muscle memory is a serious mama jama, your body will react without you being conscious of it, or without you even being conscious. Case in point, Kongo on Sunday. Will I piss and moan, saying the win should come with an asterisk and that Barry didn’t really lose? No. He clearly lost, Kongo came back and won. I feel he shouldn’t have had the option to come back and win, the long-term effects of Sunday nights fight aren’t worth the ‘W’ for Kongo. He was basically ‘out’ 2 separate times in the bout, your body, your mind doesn’t recover from that very well. In the long run, all this does is set Kongo up for a higher profile bout, a bout he is more likely to lose.

Did the ref really not see the illegal knee in the Oliveira/Lentz fight?

My friend is almost legally blind without glasses, and saw the knee (without glasses mind you). The entire arena saw the knee, Lentz’s unborn children saw the knee. Do I need to go on? I can’t fault Oliveira, he was in a fight, things happen. It’s the job of the ref (you know, the guy in all black who’s not fighting) the guy whose job it is to keep the fighters from committing illegal moves in the Octagon.(yeah, that guy). I don’t buy the ref’s explanation one bit. I think said ref should be pulled from MMA reffing. Sadly this will mar Oliveira’s record, will turn fans from him and plague him for years to come. Lentz will have to deal with the loss, not to mention the damage he received (reports say he has a broken orbital bone from said knee) and the layoff it will require. I don’t begrudge Oliveira the ‘W’, it should have been ruled a ‘No Contest’ (reports say it may just happen). But it wasn’t, that’s the way it goes sometimes. The only silver lining is the FOTN bonus of 50k for each fighter, I would say that makes the results a bit easier to handle. Then again, I would pay 50k to avoid a broken orbital bone, hell, I’d pay 50k and give you my car to avoid that injury. Best wishes to Lentz, hope he recovers quickly and puts on another great fight. Same goes for Oliveira, Minus the knee to the face. As for the ref, f23k off and find a little league game to ref.

Where does Mitrione go next, did he deserve a KOTN bonus too?

Mitrione was on his game tonight, he looks better and better each time I see him. One couldn’t ask for a better walk off KO. According to my friends, he was quite unlikeable on TUF, I can’t see it. He seems genuine, charismatic and just plain fun. Maybe it’s all an act, maybe not. Either way, I don’t care. I like to watch him fight, if he keeps progressing, in 2-3 fights we could see him challenge for a number 1 contenders spot. I put nothing past Duke Roufus and Roufusport. Roufusport could be the next Militich FS, Jackson/Winlkejon, Cesar Gracie gym to produce multiple champions. I have a strong feeling this will be so. Where does Mitrione go now, who is next for him to fight? Many are calling for names which I believe are too much too soon. Keeping him on the slow and steady path he’s on builds him properly, with the right game plan and bouts we could see big things from Mitrione. Remember, slow and steady, I do not think (as some have requested) a bout with Mir or Carwin is the slow and steady route. Maybe ‘Big Nog’ is a good start.

What’s next for Morecraft?

If I’m not mistaken, that’s 2 KO’s in a row. Two big KO’s (3 if you count his first one in the beginning of the round) by up and coming fighters, no less.I think Strikeforce might be his best bet. There are a number of prospects in their HW division he could match up with, possibly getting back into the ‘W’ column while building some confidence. Cause, let’s face it, Mitrione let him off easy, twice. He didn’t pounce the first time, then he walked away the second time (classy by the way, I don’t think I could be that classy, I’m sure I couldn’t be). I’ll be surprised if Morecraft shows up in the UFC again, the divison does need new blood, I’m guessing there are a few prospects to take his place.

What about Story/Brenneman?

Who would have thought that bout would play out the way it did? Story dominated in the wrestling arena, his domain! I felt the ref made some glaring mistakes in this bout (the other bout, the one before it and 3 other bouts Sunday night). First he lets Brenneman lay and pray for close to three minutes, then in the very next round, he stands them up as Story is in the middle of a submission attempt (one I thought had a chance in succeeding, if not fatiguing either or both fighters). It pisses me off just thinking about the refs Sunday night, so much so, I’ve forgotten what I intended to write about this bout. Congrats Brenneman, I guess is all I’ve got now.

I have to mention The refs tonight. They were doing strange things this night. From telling fighters to engage 3 seconds after the round started, constantly cheerleading during the bout (you know who you are) to bad restarts, not standing them up quickly enough, there were so many glaring mistakes in reffing, I’m not sure where to begin. We need more ex-fighters in the ring as refs and at ringside as judges. It’s the only way I see the system getting better.

Does Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson end up at Bellator?

I wonder if the MFC and Mark Pavelich are salivating at the prospect of  two new fighters on the open market since we all know Marquardt was let go earlier in the evening. At this point, Joe Daddy has not been officially let go, I believe this is just an oversite. With his last few performances, I am lead to believe his best days may be behind him. Joe Daddy seems to have lost the ability to adapt. He reverts to a singular fighting style, then proceeds to stay in this mode till the fight ends in a predictably losing/boring fashion. Losing and boring are not phrases which Dana White and the UFC take kindly to. I hope Joe Daddy bounces back and makes a run in the UFC again, he was one of my early favorites in the sport.

Marquardt, Marquardt, Marquardt…really HRT? H F23King R.T.!

The TRT/HRT defense is gonna get thin real fast. Chael Sonnen has pretty much torpedoed the defense, it should be called the ‘Chael Sonnen Defense’ from now forward.

“Yes commissioner, that is correct, my Doctor has diagnosed me with ‘Chael Sonnen Defense’. Yes, I do understand that Chael Sonnen was your scapegoat and that I may be the next in line for a thorough ass-raping at the hands of your esteemed commission. Thank you, sir.”

Will Pancrase welcome ‘The Great’ back with open arms? With his record and name recognition, I doubt him or Joe Daddy for that matter, will have any problem securing a place on a fight card with a hefty purse.

Lots of questions, but very few answers, at least immediate answers. In the coming hours/days, we will know a few of the answers.

That’s it!

Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief