UFC The Ultimate Fighter 14 preview

The Ultimate Fighter 14, or TUF 14 is coming soon, it’s looking like it could be one of the best in as many years. I haven’t watched anything but the actual fights since around season 3 or 4. Whenever they started peeing in and doing other worse things to each other’s food. This season has some format changes, has Mayhem Miller who I like, and Bisping who I am not to fond of as a fighter or as a personality. So I’m eager to see Mayhem get the best of him on the show and in their upcoming fight.

Despite that, up until this trailer, I didn’t plan on watching anything but the fights again, however, I’m interested in a little more now. The calibur of fighters in the show this tiem around reminds me of the first and second season. Guys with great records and skill sets pitted against each other vying for a new life in the UFC. I’m excited. You should be too, since many of the fighters will be UFC mainstays in the coming year or so. Go Mayhem.

Also, this will be the last season on Spike TV, as next season will be on FX or Fuel. It will be totally revamped again, always a good move.

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Anthony Dominguez
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