UFC Undisputed 3 at Reign Training Center

Do you want to go down to Reign Training Center and interview Joe ‘Leonidas’ Henle before he fights this weekend. Of course I do. Fortunately, our new camera equipment wasn’t exactly cooperating. I say fortunately because THQ was at Reign demoing UFC Undisputed 3. SCORE!

Instead of interviewing Joe (stay tuned for the interview later this week) I got to sit and play UFC Undisputed 3!

I’m not even sure where to start. I could talk about the incredible graphics (they blew my mind) Pride mode (Yes P R I D E mode!) the new gameplay or the surrealness of siting and watching Mark Munoz play his character against Chael Sonnen! When he won, the entire gym went nuts, clapping/screaming Mark with his hand raised on the TV and in real life. It was a hilariously fun moment. How bout watching Jake Ellenberger play using Jake Shields against BJ Penn A fight he says he would actually like to see?

I gotta admit, I was underwhelmed by UFC Undisputed 2. The first UFC Undisputed was on 24/7 rotation in my PS3. I spent the better part of 6 months engulfed in everything related to gameplay. It was a blissful way to spend my first round of disability. Many a 24 hour period was spent gleefully re playing UFC PPV matches, trying to finish them my way. Drugs, pain and UFC, did I mention the bliss?

I was excited for UFC Undisputed 2, partly because I was scheduled for my 2nd surgery and had 6 more months of disability to look forward to. It was not what I expected. I found myself going back to the original. What does this have to with my day at Reign? I’m getting there, I was initially reluctant to purchase the newest UFC game when it came out. I was planning to wait 3,4 maybe even 6 months before I picked it up from the bargain bin. The trailers, the roster, all of the hype only piqued my interest slightly. It looked great, so did #2. I wasn’t gonna get tricked again. However, now…I’m gonna be in line the day it releases with fist fulls of cash for both versions, PS3 and Xbox. Something I have never previously done. I’m gonna buy it for both platforms so I can really take advantage of the online features, tournaments, contests etc. I’m sold, damn you THQ! I went from possibly spending $30 to definitely spending $140!

Check out the gameplay in the video below, watch Jake Ellenberger play as Jake Shields, Salvador Dali would be proud of the surreal world I currently live in.

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