UFC undisputed 3 preview

Anyone else gonna go out and buy it? I bought 1 and was thrilled, then I bought number 2, less than thrilled. Not so sure yet if they are gonna get me to buy this one. I will say, it looks pretty awesome in the trailer. However, I have played MMA Supremacy which is pretty stellar in all aspects. It is made by the people who built the engine for the first Undisputed game. I’m wondering if the new engine will be as good, cause it was lacking in number 2. Who’s donw’ to get online and throw down with Undisputed  or #2? We are on the PS3 at the moment, but the office is considering buying number 3 for Xbox. If anyone wants to play, leave your name in the comment section, we will add you.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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