UFC’s 205 lb. PR Nightmare

JonesVJohnson187_150Over the course of it’s existence, the UFC’s 205 lb. Light Heavyweight division has been it’s most interesting division. Colorful characters and intriguing personalities have always been it’s mainstay.

Think Tito Ortiz, Chuck Lidell, “Rampage” Jackson, to name a few.

But while there have been UFC fighters with legal issues throughout the years, it seems like the fighters scheduled to meet at next month’s UFC 187 event are not just fun personalities but massive PR nightmares.

A few months ago, in the office, a discussion sprang up about the potential foolishness of allowing Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to fight Alexander Gustafsson in a “winner gets title shot” bout. After all, Johnson has some damaging domestic violence issues in his fairly recent past, and the idea that a guy like that could be UFC champion, well, is pretty disgusting.

So when he beat Gustafsson, setting up the upcoming match up with champ Jones, that became much closer to reality.

Now, his opponent is in the news (again) for some terrible behavior.

Jon “Bones” Jones is, of course, the current UFC champion. He has successfully defended his belt several times and is generally thought of as one of the best mixed martial artists of all time. Creative in The Octagon™, Jones fights a smart fight, mixing up his high-level wrestling with powerful striking.

That “fight intelligence” seems to stay in the cage, though, as a number of recent incidents, the most egregious of which is his very recent alleged hit and run, seem to indicate a man who is lost, at best, or a bad guy at worst.

There is a good chance that this fight may be canceled, or Jon Jones stripped of his title by the UFC and the fight turns meaningless.

But Jon Jones is a fantastic draw for PPV buys, and this looks to be a spectacular fight, so its not out of the realm of possibility that it will happen. Money talks the loudest, and all that.

If it does go on, it seems that the UFC will have a despicable champ at 205 lbs. no matter who wins.