Uncle Dana: Time for new Ring Card Girls.

There’s a problem that’s been brewing for a while in the UFC and it came to a head at UFC 146: The UFC doesn’t have enough Ring Card Girls.

At UFC 146, Brittany Palmer was the only ring card girl for most of the day. That’s a long day.  Chandella was, ahem, out and Arianny was dealing with her domestic issues… The cheering was pretty massive when Arianny did make it to the event, during the PPV broadcast.

I know it seems trivial, but this could’ve been a real problem for the UFC. It wasn’t that long ago that Brittany Palmer was pursuing the development of her art and out of the UFC. Imagine an event with no ring card girls!

OK, so this wouldn’t be tragedy on a massive scale, but it would certainly affect the quality of the event production. The UFC has turned Arianny, Brittany and Chandella into stars. Their beauty balances out the brutal nature of the competition.

I’m pretty sure I think about this more than Dana White does…


…which is why I’ve come up with a solution: The UFC needs to bring in some “developmental” ring card girls. A “B-team” if you will.

The B-team would work prelims, weigh-ins for less significant events and fan promotional events.

Heck, Fox could even make a reality show out of the audition process. They’ve made worse reality shows…

To be clear: I’m not trying to take money out of the checks of the current ring card girls, but this is something that needs to be addressed before we have another situation like UFC 146 or one even worse…

It can’t all be hard-hitting MMA analysis and news…  😉