Unusual UFC on Fox Milestone

This weekend marks a turning point for the UFC. After years of building their brand, and years of turning down network deals, the time (and more importantly the offer) was right for the UFC to take the plunge.

This has the potential to change a lot of things for Zuffa. You think the UFC is big now? Just wait until all those people that don’t get cable (yes, there are still a lot of them) throughout the US get to see Velasquez take on Dos Santos… The potential is huge.

Speaking of bringing the UFC to the masses, November 12th also marks a quaint milestone for MMA in general and the UFC in particular: it will be the first event broadcast live on radio.

Yes, radio.

Long gone are the days when everyone would gather around the radio to listen to Rocky Marciano box or classic match-ups like Louis-Schmeling, but I would bet there are truckers across the country and perhaps more people than we might suspect who will be tuning in for the broadcast, which will be carried by Premiere Radio Networks on its Fox Sports Radio stations.

According to their press release, it will be the first live fight both televised and simulcasted on terrestrial radio (that’s regular old radio to you and me) in more than 40 years.

Pre-event coverage and analysis will begin at 5:00 pm PT/8:00 pm ET with host and MMA expert Larry Pepe. After the fight, Pepe will host a three-hour program with interviews and call-ins.

You’ll be able to listen to the pre-fight press conference today on Fox Sports Radio stations as well.

So, fire up that old tube radio, gather ’round and let the theater of the mind work it’s old-timey magic once again, because the UFC finally made it’s way to… the radio!