Urijah Faber cuts his hair for his sister

Urijah Faber is a superstar, he was a superstar before he even reached the UFC, in fact, he was a rising star before he even reached the now defunct  WEC.

He has the good looks, the skills, personality, championship legacy and the chin that everybody loves so much. He also appears to have a great sense of humor and a big heart. Case in point, Urijah’s sister (Michaella Tastad) was involved in a bad car accident, resulting in her having brain surgery. I have sisters, if one of them was in the position Urijah’s sister is in, I would be devastated. I would try my hardest to be positive and support her in every way. As Urijah and his family has.

Urijah Faber has taken that one step farther. Due to Michaella Tastad’s need for brain surgery, they had to shave her head. For most people, having your head shaved for a surgery or losing your hair from a sickness is horrifying. It’s a part of who you are that has been stripped from you. No amount of  ‘You look good with short hair’ comments alleviate that feeling of loss. One great way to show support (one I wish I would have thought of some years ago when a friend went through Chemo) is shaving your own head. By joining your loved ones, showing support and love with just a simple gesture, there is no need for nice words. It becomes a symbol of strength.

We at MMA Rants Today would like to send our best wishes, our get well’s and our support to Michaella Tastad and the entire Faber family.

This Holiday weekend, watch this video, see a brother’s love for his sister and then pay it forward to those around you.

Happy Holiday’s everyone!

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