Viacom Buys Bellator!

Things just got a whole lot better for Bellator, arguably MMA’s #2 promotion in the US. Viacom (you know, MTV, Spike… a massive corporation) just bought a controlling interest in Bellator. This is huge for MMA in the US!

Part of the deal means Bellator will be moving to Spike in 2013, there will be “unleashed” type Bellator programming and enhanced production quality.

The most important thing to come out of this deal, though, is that Bellator will now be able to bring in more talent, compete with the any promotion for such talent and, importantly, keep their champions!

I’m not talking about Bellator bringing in “name” competitors to immediately jump up in recognition. This can be good for fledgling promotions, but can put them at risk as well. If you know anything of the history of MMA promotions worldwide, you know how fragile they can be. How one injury for a headliner can put a promotion in peril, and two ruined events can take down that promotion. (I’m looking at you, Affliction). Bellator couldn’t have been that much farther ahead. But not anymore. And from what we’ve seen from them so far, they have shown shrewd business sense bringing in solid talent and using their events to build their roster. I don’t think they’ll fall into that trap.

I’ll say it again: this is huge! With the talent already in Bellator, and the new talent to be brought in, and the cash infusion and backing brought by Viacom, we’re looking at what should be a great run for Bellator!