Conor McGregor did the unthinkable exactly what everyone expected and destroyed Dennis Siver. Earning him a title shot against Jose Aldo, sure, Saying it out loud sounds ridiculous, try it for yourself.

“Conor McGregor beat Dennis Siver, earning him a title shot against FeatherWeight Kingpin Jose Aldo.”

See how it just rolls off the tongue, even as the laughter begins mid sentence?

Meanwhile, to get the hype train rolling, Conor did the very Conor thing and jumped out of the cage to confront Aldo, strategically using a official to hold him back so as not to start a brawl, cause that would be bad for the Conor Corporation, he has an image to uphold. It’s pretty brilliant, he gets the hype, the video will run everywhere for weeks, months to come and he didn’t have to cross any lines. Take notes boys and girls, this is how you do things.

Rumble young Irishman Rumble