By now you’ve probably already seen this interview infomercial interview with Jon Jones where he talks about his Cocaine test failure, rehab and…well, nothing.

Take a moment to watch this travesty of journalism again. Watch his body language, watch the subtle editing of this ‘live’ interview. We haven’t seen someone protected this well by the media since, well, we don’t know when. It’s pretty blatantly obvious this ‘interview’ was a marketing tool put together by the UFC, Jones, his publicist and Fox.

Some things to take away from this. His historical timeline of cocaine use, his timeline of failing the drug test, and the fact that there had been rumors floating around about Jones doing Cocaine for several years.

Does any of this change your opinion of Jones? Or do you just want to see him destroy people in the Octagon™ and F23K what happens outside of it?

Rumble young liar Rumble