Wanderlei Silva is really stepping up this game of his. Sure, he’s fighting the taint, the scent of failure, the stench of PED’s after literally running from a drug test, he eventually failed and this is a good way to distance himself from that.

Don’t let that take away from what he’s trying to accomplish here. The sport of MMA needs a fighters union. Baseball,Basketball and Football all have a Players Union, strong ones in fact. Strong enough that a first year player who sits on the bench can earn a solid living. The starting wage is enough for them to build a lifetime income if they invest their money right and don’t blow it on things like this. MMA fighters need to be taken care of at the end of their careers more than Baseball or Basketball players do, the chances of lasting injuries for fighters is as big or bigger than the NFL.

If the UFC wants to be known as the NFL of MMA then they need to take the good with the bad. A union might cut into some profits, it will also make happier fighters, who will most likely produce better fights. War Wand.

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