WANDY_EXPLANATIONThis is gonna get weird fast. Or should we say, weirder fast? First Wand misses (or ran, depending on you you ask) his random drug test, then Vitor gets the shot at Chael. It was gonna be at 205, now it’s 185…possibly a number 1 contender match for Weidman/Lyoto…(according to Chael…sooooo) and now Wandy posts an ‘explanation’ of sorts.

Watch and form your own opinion. We aren’t sure where we stand as of yet, what we do know is, this will have a negative effect on Wand’s legacy and future. It’s a shame.

We do have 1 question about this video. “Does this guy look like he’s been training at his absolute limit and cutting weight or does he look a little heavy?

Rumble young man Rumble