Wanderlei has lost his everlovin mind! Seriously, lost his F23Kin mind. Sure, what he’s saying is legit, it truth and it’s probably what 99% of the UFC roster would like to say themselves but can’t. Problem is, it’s like Victor Conte rallying against PED’s, too little too late. He’s not a name you can trust, the motives are too questionable.

Wandy is burying his legacy so deep, he may only be remembered for his crazy antics and not for his incredible run as one of the most feared and loved MMA competitors of all time.

The UFC arm is long and strong, it’s also got a memory like an elephant, expect Wandy to reap the repercussions of this ill fated campaign for the rest of his MMA life.

We can only hope that his ranting and raving leads another credible source to chime in and start the revolution that MMA so desperately needs.