War Machine Jail Blog Season 2 Episode 11

War Machine (AKA Jon Koppenhaver) is back in jail for a 3 year old assault charge and just like his stint last year, he’s blogging from jail. We will be posting War Machine’s blogs with commentary in green. We wish him the best and poke fun with only good intentions.

WM Jail Blog Season 2 Episode 11

Feels SO GOOD to be able to eat a lil’ extra food again! That 30 days of restriction was tough with the miniscule amount of food they serve us here at chow. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a lil’ of the muscle I lost back on, all I’m really ordering is peanuts. I did the math and they’re the best buy nutrition wise, per dollar. Everything else on the list is junk food, and I’m trying to steer clear, though I’ll admit, I bought a couple of cinnamon rolls, 480 cal. each, WOW! LOL! Anyway, I’d like to know what jails have against Q-Tips? Why not sell them to us, are they deadly weapons? Especially having cauliflower ears, so important to clean them constantly. Twisting up t.p. doesn’t cut it! In fact, I’m deaf in my right ear (for the 2nd time this stay) due to the t.p. pushing all the wax further in. I can’t hear jack!! It’s annoying and feels as though I have water in my ear… grrr. What, we can’t hear you…bad joke. 

So! I got a nice postcard in the mail today from my buddy who’s now a SEAL in DEV Group (SEAL Team 6 to those of you tho think it’s still called that) and deployed in Afghanistan again. He said he’s praying for me and hopes I stay strong, both mentally and physically. Hell of a thing to do coming from a guy out there risking his life; taking his time to worry about me. Good dude. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs to get back with all his men in one piece! I’m sure they’ll be fine, those guys are the best. So today I heard from my lawyer in San Diego – he said they switched my probation officer and that leaves me apprehensive. Why!? My last one was really fair, no power trip at all… ugh. Keep your fingers crossed that my new one isn’t the devil. I really can’t wait to just have all this drama behind me, I just wanna train and fight… to LIVE. I’m done with any, and every, thing that will not directly help improve my life. Maybe I had to come back here because I didn’t FULLY learn my lesson from last time? Maybe it’s ’cause I didn’t appreciate my wife enough, the only girl who ever truly loved me. Karma? I know nothing, but the past is history, and from now on I’m gonna think EVERYTHING through and through before I act. I got one good decade left in this fight game, time to realize my full potential and leave a POSITIVE mark. In the future, I may not be as “entertaining” but I promise to you all that I’ll more than make up for it with accomplishments INSIDE the cage. Much as I hate to… it’s time to TRULY grow up. SO! … Insert witty remark here. All we want from WM is god fights and no news stories.

After 11 weeks here and STILL not been given the psych meds I’ve been taking since 2007, I filed a nasty “grievance” and 2 days later the psychiatrist was at my door. What a dirtbag! One more person that does NOT belong in the medical field. Unsympathetic, RUDE, and an attitude more like a prison warden than a “therapist.” Of course, he would not prescribe me Lexapro (it’s an expensive drug) and tried giving me another one that I’ve already tried and that FAILED to help me. He said, “Well if it doesn’t work for you than neither will Lexapro, they’re the same.” Maybe I imagined the 5 years of relief I’ve gotten from it? He was filled with all types of lies and never once did the truth come out: that my drug costs more and THAT’S the reason why they avoid prescribing it. Is a doctor supposed to help his patients or protect the jail’s pockets, by prescribing cheaper, less effective meds? Apparently, the latter. If they had given me the deal which I signed for I could earn $ and pay for my own shit. If they even gave me the house arrest I applied for, I could do the same. Ugh, very irritated/upset right now and I am not sure what other recourse I have. I’ll definitely file another “grievance,” I don’t think that they can legally deny you a medication that you were already taking before your incarceration. In Cali, they tried giving me an alternate drug as well, but once I explained that I’d tried others, they gave in. This doc. doesn’t give a shit about anything but his paycheck though. Nevada jails are notorious for being cheap, lining their pockets and just plain sucking on all levels.

Ugh, now I have a stomach ache. I’m missing out on the @BellatorMMA tourney, my wife and I spolit up and she was deported back to Europe, I’m locked in a cage… if there was ever a time I needed my meds, it’s now. Whatevs, at least I have peanut butter now! I’m gonna eat some =) Peanut butter cures all, stay strong WM.

I will get back up.

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