War Machine Jail Blog Season 2 Episode 26

War Machine (AKA Jon Koppenhaver) is back in jail for a 3 year old assault charge and just like his stint last year, he’s blogging from jail. We will be posting War Machine’s blogs with commentary in greenWe wish him the best and poke fun with only good intentions.

“Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist. They don’t use their brains and they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their sense, or their dreams. They don’t use the knowledge the spirit has put into every one of them; they are not even aware of this, and so they stumble along blindly on the road to nowhere – a paved highway which they themselves bulldoze and make smooth so that they can get faster to the big empty hole which they’ll find at the end, waiting to swallow them up. It’s a quick comfortable superhighway, but I know where it leads to. I’ve seen it. I’ve been there in my vision and it makes me shudder to think about.” -the Lakota Shaman Lame Deer -Lakota Shaman’s are the sh1t!

Much longer quote than usual, but so powerful, I had to share it. I came across it at the perfect time. I had just finished a great book on Billy the Kid and got to thinking about how recent “The Wild West” really was. Technology has “advanced” so much, so quick, and we’ve really lacked foresight in it’s application. Man survived 1,000’s of years living in harmony with the Earth and it’s many creatures. All this pollution, overcrowding, holes in the ozone, etc. is ALL a result of just the past 150 years or so. That’s crazy! How can you destroy a world so quick? How much longer can we survive at this rate? Can what we have achieved really be labeled “advancement” if it ultimately leads us to extinction? I think not. So what if we have extended the average life-span, allowed the sick another chance at life, can fly around the world in planes. Is it more important that life be fair and comfy while we live, or that future generations are guaranteed an existence at all? -WM always throws us for a loop with his philosophical musings. They are concise, coherent and on point. Damn him.

And what about the natural powers we humans have but forgot how to use? I’ve been reading so much about ancient peoples, shamanism, and even modern psychic abilities. How sick would it be to have an out-of-body experience? It’s real, people do it all the time; science just blows it off because they can’t explain it. I’ve been practicing the techniques I leanred last year in a lucid dreaming book and had 2 last week. You know how SICK it is to know you’re dreaming and just go nuts and do whatever you want? It’s like playing a video game x100! I still suck at it but there are people who can do it nightly! Dreaming ain’t dreaming when your’e conscious of doing it, it’s real life, minus injury/death. If you could do it each night, that’s like doubling your life-span. And what about ESP? I think most of us have had a few unexplainable encounters with it. Several times I’ve thought of random people, only to receive a letter from them out of the blue. I had a roommate once, that on 2 separate occasions, I was about to ask him a question and he answered me out loud BEFORE I even asked it! The point is, we could ALL be developing these natural powers and using them all the time, if we weren’t so busy/distracted with modern life. Who needs TV or radio when you can lucid dream, or have an out-of-body experience and fly and shit? Why do we need to waste time working and driving, when everything in life is FREE? Who tricked us into believing we need to pay for food and shelter? We are so removed from Earth, nature, our nature, it’s like we’re aliens living in a strange land. -WM started out here getting us all interested in superpowers, then he brought us back to earth and, well, he’s on some ol’ Tony Robbins sh1t now, damn him again. Why’s he gotta make us all thinky and stuff. Why can’t he just stay in the mold the Justice dept. put him, you know, steroid maniac with a below average IQ? Keep up the fight WM. We can’t wait to see this WM out in the real world. 

See, if I had my own “cult” (besides madd “free love” and training) all we’d do is relax all day and do exercises to expand our powers. This modern life is overrated! Wasting our lives working and commuting, when we could be living stress free and doing magic! Why do we all NEED our OWN home? I say it’s better to throw-in together, and purchase a piece of land and build a big pad – where you grow your own fruits and veggies, maybe raise some chickens for eggs, and everyone works minimally. In my cult, the guys would fight and the girls would strip a couple nights and we’d just all share the $. Way better, WM is a genius! If you want in on my cult you better get at me ASAP, cuz spots will fill up quick! O.P.P. Cult, what!? -We are in, see how he brings it all together ina  nice little package for us to consume, we are telling you, the new WM is gonna be a force when he gets out, he’s also gonna be our new cult leader, Viva WM! and strippers, we can’t forget strippers. 

First thing’s first though, I gotta win that @BellatorMMA Season 7 tourney and get my $100K down payment!

I will get back up.

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