I love me some War Machine antics! There, I’ve said it. I am an enabler. Every time WM is in the MMA news, I got to see what’s going on now. When he went to jail (both times) we covered his jail blogs, relished them even. I follow him on twitter and instagram. I tune into Bellator to watch his fights.

The only thing I have not done yet, is watch his porno’s. YET. Don’t get me wrong, in my vast perusing of the internets fun zone, I will at some point, come across one of his movies (like what I just did there?). That’s funny stuff ya’ll.

All things WM entertain me. Bar fights, check. Drunkin brawl with entire Porn industry party, check. Anarchist tirades against our criminal justice system, check. Threats against our Pres, check. When WM speaks, entertainment follows. When WM tweets, entertainment follows. When WM instagram’s, entertainment follows.See what I’m getting at here? WM entertains me to no end. Do I hope he does these crazy things? No. I hope that one day he will get it all together and this will just be an interesting part of his successful life. Do I think that’s gonna happen? NO. Still, I wish the man no ill will or harm. I’m rooting for him. Everyone loves an anarchist, anti establishment underdog.

Why am I waxing poetic about WM you may ask, well, it’s because recently he has brought the level of entertainment in my life to near fatal levels. Lets run this down.

In his most recent fight, he put his GF (SMOKING HOT! adult actress/porn actress/porn star) Christy Mack’s website on his fight banner. For the uninitiated, her site is not all puppydog tails and flowers. It’s what you would expect an adult actresses site to be, you know, Bible study.

He advertised her site on His fight banner. On live national television. During prime time. I love it!

Then, he’s a regular star of GF (SMOKING HOT! adult actress/porn actress/porn star) Christy Mack’s #MackMondays (softtcore and sometimes hardcore porn tweets). Sorta NSFW photos are posted below. I’ve covered the good stuff, but you can figure out her twitter account pretty easily and see the full photos for yourselves, (you perverts). That’s the kinda publicity that keeps the sponsors clamoring for more. Good ol’ wholesome fun for the whole family  I say.

And finally, most significantly, and permanently.

He  got his GF (SMOKING HOT! adult actress/porn actress/porn star) Christy Mack’s name  tattooed on his throat. Let me repeat that. Tattooed his Porn Star GF’s name on his THROAT.To be fair, she got ‘Property of War Machine’ tattooed on her back. So it’s sorta like wedding bands for the anti crowd. If you go for that sorta thing. Pics also below. We don’t have to get into the pros/cons of this type of tattoo scenario, it’s not really important. Besides, they make a cute couple and seem to connect on a level we all aspire to achieve, so, rock on.

There have been some special tweets that got WM in the news, I won’t get into those, needless to say, I, nor you, should ever be surprised by WM, ever.

All I gotta say is, War Machine, keep on keepin on.