I was getting my MMA calendar in order, putting in all of the upcoming events so I don’t miss a live stream or an Indy card when I was checking out WAR MMA, Nick Diaz’s new promotion and came across something interesting. The event is live and FREE streaming for those interested, HOWEVER, it is a suggested Donation event. If you choose to pay something you can, or you can pay $0.

What dollar amount do you think most people MMA Fans are willing to pay for an Indy event live streamed…I’m guessing most will pay between nothing and $2.00. MMA Fans have not been known in the past to be the most reliable patrons in terms of spending money on live events, especially when that event could be had for free. It’s a risky gamble and a brilliant move at the same time by WAR MMA.

It’s their inaugural event, they only have Nick Diaz’s star power to promote it at the moment, that is not enough for the casual fan to get onboard. Give it away free, with an optional donation and you create some revenue, revenue you wouldn’t have created if you gave it away free, which is what most promotions have to do in the beginning. I will be curious to see what the average donation amount turns out to be and how far off or close that number is to what WAR MMA expected.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 12.09.58 PM