Watch Jens Pulver save Ox Wheeler’s life

Jens Pulver won his bout at Fight Pit Genesis this past Saturday August 12th. By way of KO in the 2nd round. It was a good fight and Pulver made a good showing. He fought smart, using his stand up to push the fight and wear down Ox. Pulver has gone 25-15-1 losing 7 of 10 since leaving the UFC. Saturday marked his 3rd win in 2011.

We’ve been hard on Jens on our site, because we view him as a legend of the sport, we don’t want to see him leave as a shell of himself. After watching Jens Pulver|Driven. That stance has softened. We sincerely hope, if Jens continues to fight, he does so at the best of his abilities, and gets one more title run in before retiring for good. Saturday night was a good start.

With that being said, no one has ever accused Pulver of being a bad person. Saturday night proved that unequivocally. After Jens clearly stops Ox Wheeler, the ref lets the fight continue, Jens then chases Ox around the ring, landing at will, stumbling the already lost Wheeler in the process. All the while pleading with the ref to stop the fight. When he finally had the opportunity to KO Wheeler, he chose to land one shot, which looked soft, just to get the ref to stop the bout. Watch the video below and tell me Pulver hadn’t clearly won after the first knock down.


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Anthony Dominguez
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Rumble young man Rumble.