Watch the Champ Train and feel lazy

Do you train? Or do you take classes? I was telling my buddy over at that I wanted to start ‘training’ again. Then it dawned on me, Training means you are working towards competing. In this context it’s not like training a dog or a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter. I no longer tell people I’m ‘training’ or have ‘trained’, what I tell them now is, that I’m ‘taking classes’ and have ‘taken classes’ cause I’m never gonna step in a cage or a ring and try my hand at actually fighting, sure I’ve been in fights, and I can hold my own, or used to be able to, but that’s a whole different world and I’ve reached the point in age where I feel that if I’m ever in a fight again (other than protecting friends/family) I’ve failed as a man. There is no need for me to ever be in a ‘streetfight’ again for the rest of my life, no need. One of  the reasons I don’t have a desire to try my hand at fighting in a cage is because of videos like these. I go to the gym, I exercise, I take Muay Thai, BJJ, etc. etc classes and I do a fair amount of cardio. Dominick Cruz does everything I just mentioned and more before I’ve even contemplated getting my sore body out of bed in the morning. Watching this workout is exhausting, this is why he’s the Champ. Watch and feel lazy.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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