We respect this Ref now.

A few days ago Mark Munoz was on the receiving end of a vicious elbow delivered by Chris Weidman. Munoz hit the mat, out cold, and Chris Weidman followed up with way too many punches to the downed, out and bloody Mark Munoz. It’s not Weidman’s fault, it’s the Ref’s fault. Usually Ref’s give the big FU to everyone about how they do their job, regardless of how badly they F23K it up. For once, a Ref has stepped up and accepted responsibility for his mistake. We can respect that, and his desire to not let it happen again. Future fighters will be happy to hear this. We certainly are.

Josh Rosenthal spoke to XM/Sirius’s TapouT Radio Show:

“”I came home and I watched it, and I was kind of like you know, if I was sitting here, watching this on the couch, I probably would have been talking smack about myself. I always say accountability is a huge part of the sport, and you are accountable for your actions. I feel like I was just a little slow on the trigger. I don’t want to see guys take unnecessary punishment. It’s a rough sport. Everyone knows what they sign in for, but it’s a millisecond-basis game. You’re making choices right there on the spot, and in the heat of the moment, I felt like I was seeing some stuff. In hindsight, I have to step my game up and make sure I’m on point for the next guys.”

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Anthony Dominguez
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