We’ve been gone for a minute, but we are back and MMA RANTS TV is gonna be better than ever.  Don’t worry, nothing important has changed. We are still dedicated to MMA, Drinking and Ranting, only now we got some new toys and a new focus.

MMA RANTS TV  is dedicated to giving you 360 Indy Promotion coverage along with interviews, Podcasts and video rants. TV is our focus, content you can watch and listen to, don’t worry, we will still have our articles too. MMA RANTS TV is everything that made MMA Rants Today awesome PLUS some amazing new features.

Look around the site a little bit, we’ve kept it simple.

New Features:

Ranters Forum where you can rant to your heart’s content

MMA Rants Store Check out our merch, check often for limited edition items (we will only print them 1 time, when they are gone, they are gone)

Podcasts MMA Rants Today every Monday and The MMA SpeakEasy every Friday starting in May (possibly Sooner, check back for updates)

True? Fighters Stories- Watch as some of your favorite MMA fighters tell hilarious/disturbing/weird stories from their careers.

And that’s just the beginning. We will be having monthly contests for cool swag, Google + Hangouts and more.

The site may have some bugs still, so don’t be surprised if it looks a little different in the coming months, we will get everything working right!