What Happened to Britney Palmer?

Do we need to remove our Brittney vs. Arianny poll from the site? What’s happening over at the Zuffa offices? IS there some truth to the rumors about Arianny’s ‘Game of Thrones’ attitude in the Octagon Girls division? I need answers. Thankfully there are some vague answers to help me become more confused!

Brittney Palmer posted on her Twitter:

“Thanks for all the good luck wishes! I’m figuring it all out. Life is full of surprises. This will definitely keep me grounded. Over and out.”

What this means, I have no clue. Is she still with the UFC? Is she an Octagon Girl still? Is she in a secret love triangle with John Fitch’s dog, Spilled Bag of Ice and Rachel Leah? We have no idea. Absolutely none! We need answers, quickly. Below is a quick rundown of the events leading to this conjecture. You be the judge…


Notice anyone missing from the official UFC Octagon Girls page?

And you get this page when you do a Brittney Palmer search

Click on the link http://www.ufc.com/octagonGirl/Brittney-Palmer and you get this page.


Dana White posted on his Twitter:

@KylesTwitr we didn’t get rid of @brittneypalmer so quit listening to hack websites and fuckin relax.

Normally this is ‘non’ news, but I have a special place in my heart, and by heart I mean pants, and by pants I mean, in my pants. See where I’m gong here? I enjoy looking at Brittney Palmer during UFC events,  I enjoyed looking at her during WEC events.

My best guess is her school schedule is interfering with the ring girl schedule, and they have something else lined up for her at the UFC, something that fits both of their schedules. I don’t think the UFC would have gone through the trouble of keeping her after the WEC merger, to let her go now. However, if there are personal problems between the other Octagon Girls and/or Dana White himself, it could be a totally different story, and we may never see Brittney Palmer in her spectacular UFC outfit again. Time for sad smiley faces.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief