What is Wrong with Andreas Spang?

Andreas Spang is gonna fight Maiquel Falcao Friday for a shot at the Bellator MW Title since Hector Lombard left for the UFC. The winner faces Alexander Schlemenko when he recovers from a car accident while training in his home country of Russia. That’s the story for Friday. What I’m talking about is, what the F23K Andreas? First you put hand on your opponent at the weigh ins, then you put hands on Maiquel after your winning bout. You’re a professional, you don’t put hands on others before or after a fight, you certainly don’t disrespect a Brazilian and expect him not to go after you. It’s one thing to talk trash, but this sh!t is uncalled for. What is this guy gonna do now? Also, Falcao is almost crazy, hell, he’s crazy lets not fool ourselves. Just look at his history, not just his antics in Bellator. Their fight Friday has the makings for Fight of the Year or a complete disaster that ends with one guys ear missing and the other guy with a full stomach. Be sure I’m gonan watch the weigh ins to see what happens, or if Bellator has enough sense to put some rules in place.

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Anthony Dominguez
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