What The Forrest?!

Forrest Griffin. What is he going to do with himself?

He’s fought a lot of battles over the years and while he’s still relatively young, it’s fair to say he’s old in the sport of MMA.

His performance at UFC 148 contained many unexplained behaviors:

  • His strikes lost steam fairly early in the fight, indicating his training wasn’t up to UFC standards
  • He got dropped a few times by Tito Ortiz, which sets off alarms about his chin after being knocked out (and, frankly, looking lost) in his last bout in The Octagon™ against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
  • He seemed to let up at the end of the third round, when he seemed to have the advantage striking over Ortiz
  • After the final horn sounded, Griffin left The Octagon™ walking out, leaving fans to wonder if he was leaving because he thought he’d lost the fight and was disgusted with his performance or maybe he was giving all the spotlight to Ortiz in his retirement bout… either way, Dana White came chasing after him and he ended up back in the cage before post-fight activities commenced.
  • Taking the mic and stealing the post-fight interview with Ortiz from Joe Rogan, something that Ortiz was looking forward to doing for the last time, Ortiz revealed in the post-fight press conference (for which Griffin seemed to sincerely apologize)

So, WTF, Forrest?

He’s an entertaining guy, who’s written some very entertaining books. Like many performers, though, seems to be hypercritical of himself and inclined to take things in a bad way… He’s a legit jiu jitsu blackbelt (from Robert Drysdale) and when motivated, puts on a good fight (I have to admit, I did enjoy seeing Tito, face all marked up from Griffin’s punches criticizing Griffin’s “pitter-pat” striking in the post-fight presser).

He said he’s still got fight left in him. Let’s hope he gets it together before then.