What the Frankie!

The headline all over read, Frankie Edgar officially moving to 145 lbs. What the Frankie? (see what we did there?, clever huh, nope not really).

After much pressure, 2 straight losses (the last one being a robbery) and probably a pretty lucrative offer by Dana White, Frankie Edgar is stepping down  to the 145lb division. He won’t get an immediate title shot, which is a shame in itself, as his most recent loss was so close (a clear victory on our cards) that he shouldn’t have to face anyone before fighting for the title. He deserves at least that much for what he’s accomplished. Yet, Frankie will have to fight at least one bout before he gets a chance at UFC gold again.

We are both happy and sad at this news. It’s great for Frankie in terms of legacy, he has the potential to be a two weight class champ (Bj Penn, Randy Couture), on the other hand, it’s reinforcing the weight cutting ideal that is running rampant in MMA. Frankie was dominant as a LW, he doesn’t need to drop down. That’s our 2 cents.

The next time we see Franke Edgar will be as a 145lber, good luck Frankie, we got your back.

Rumble young man Rumble