What The Reebok™?





Welcome to our new feature. What The Reebok™?

To say the Reebok/UFC deal has been less than spectacular is an understatement. At this point, Reebok is the Florida of UFC sponsors.

For those of you not aware, Reebok/UFC have made so many WTF! Mistakes, that we just can’t resist bringing them to you on a regular basis. We all remember the ‘Kit’ unveiling disaster from earlier this year. With gems like the Official UFC/Reebok™ Kit for Bellator Fighter Josh Koscheck. Or the infamous ‘Giblert Melendez’ kit we all are praying our significant others get us for X-Mas.

Since day one, Reebok/UFC have screwed the pooch. This week we have this fine SNAFU.



jk_twitterWhile this might not seem like a ‘Thing’ to most, for the Irish, it’s a slap in the face and a pretty harsh unintentional political statement. The Republic of Ireland is solely present on the t-shirt. Ireland is made up of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, together they make up Ireland. Not according to this Shirt from Reebok/UFC. In this instance, Northern Ireland is not a part, which has angered many if not all of Ireland’s people. All the bloodshed that has occurred over the years makes this a very touchy subject and rightly so.

To make matters worse, they added the caption:

“Show your UFC territorial allegiance with this UFC Ireland map tee. You know in your soul the best fighters come out of Ireland, and you’re not afraid to scream your pride in the gym or at the Octagon.”

‘Territorial Allegiance’, poor choice of words if there ever was one.  Way to go Reebok/UFC.

The interwebs went apsh1t over this one, including the founder and head coach of SBG (Conor McGrego’s home gym and coach) who just hours earlier announced a partnership deal between his gym and Reebok. This was his response to the shirt.

jk_twitter2Needless to say, Reebok took down the shirt and offered an apology. Until next time….What The Reebok™?

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