When does a promotion need to fire a fighter?

Bret Rogers, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen,Rampage Jackson, Barnett, Babalu, Daley, Marquardt, Parisyian, Nick Diaz…The list of fighters who have done things that would get them fired from any regular job, and most likely blackballed from that industry is pretty long and varied.

Today, Nick Diaz (my personal, all time favorite fighter) no showed a UFC press conference to hype his UFC 127 bout with GSP for the Welterweight Title. This is nothing new for Nick, not a fan of media, and the business side of his career, he has repeatedly missed media workouts, interviews and yes, Press Conferences. Post fight, pre fight, and the always annoying (to Nick Diaz at least) Pre Pre fight Press Conference’s are guaranteed to piss Nick off, the only thing better than Nick Diaz no showing a Press Conference, is when he shows up and lets all of the media know how much he hates them and the press conference. Nick Diaz can do no wrong in my book. Which brings me to the question…

When should a fighter be fired, or banned for life, when does a fighter’s life outside the Octagon cause his employer to fire him? Recently we have had a case of wife beating, then we had  TRT/HRT, last year was embezzlement, a couple of years ago was holding a choke after the bell, then the famous punch after the bell, you’ve got some over the line sh!t talking from this year, recently a few gay slurs, the always popular racial slurs…what’s the line, does it go by how popular? How about a high speed car chase resulting in injuries and damage?

At what point does an MMA athlete get banned for life? We saw what it takes to get fired, not just from the UFC, but other promotions work the same way, try to strong arm them without the backup and boom, you get fired. Do some research, Bellator, Pride, Dream, MFC and many many others have done the same thing as the UFC recently did to Golden Glory. Other than that, what’s the line?

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Anthony Dominguez
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