The UFC markets their fighters exactly how we the fans and media respond to them.  Josh Kosckeck BECAME a bad guy stemming from his stint on TUF 1 spraying water on a sleep Chris Leben, and he embraced the heel role.  The UFC is really the only MMA promotion that markets their fighters in such a way.  This is a list of who I think most of YOU hate.  I’m not saying that any of these people are in fact hated or villains, it’s just my perception of you the MMABADASS readers MAY feel based on your tweets.  This is no particular order BTW.  Brock is not on this list beccau

Jon Jones– Ya the kid says some stupid stuff occasionally, like hating signing replica belts, and after his walk of choke off Lyoto Machida a lot of you turned on him.  I’m a fan and I give him a pass on some of the dumb stuff he says because of a combination of his youth and fame.  Also Jones doesn’t really trash anyone except Rashad Evans (and that’s OK because I’m not Rashad’s biggest fan).

Rashad Evans– Speaking of Rashad…Whenever he is on the big screen, you hear boos rain down.  I was also at the weigh ins for Rashad vs Rampage and the boos were LOUD.  I don’t like Rashad because I feel like he tries to act “hood” when we all know he is educated…Stop playing “the role” and he’d gain some fans.

Chael Sonnen– Loud mouth, cheater, criminal.  What else can I say?  Worse than that he made derogatory statements about Brazilians stealing your wallet if you bowed, then turn around and launders money…But that’s OK right?  It’s just white collar crime.  His braggart ways wouldn’t bother me so much if he wasn’t a COMPLETE hypocrite, stealing and cheating his way into relevancy.

Michael Bisping– Spitting at your opponents corner is a good way to become the most hated man in the UFC.  It seems that Bisping just likes being a douche, and that’s OK because a lot of people would describe me as a douche.  My dislike for the man comes from a personal interaction in 2009 at the company I was working here in Las Vegas…It had nothing to do with MMA, and he was still an ASS to on of my colleagues.  Bisping always has something to say and it usually involves how much better he is than you.  Bisping is famous in the MMA world, but if you look at his record, he has fought elite level competition only 3 times and lost ALL 3 fights (Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva).

Nick and Nate Diaz– A lot of people dislike the Diaz Bros because of their tough guy antics and odd interview styles.  The one thing about the Diaz Bros is that yes they do flip you the bird and now flip your hat off, but they also squash the beef inside the cage.  Well except for that 1 time Nick fought Joe Riggs in the hospital, BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they are always humble in victory, so I don’t mind.  I actually like pre-fight beef, but real martial artists hug it out afterwards.

Tito Ortiz– He has talked A LOT throughout his career, but I had the opportunity to meet him TWICE in 2011, and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy.  Yes he lets you know he is the longest tenured LHW champion often, and he does like to get under the skin of his opponents.  Tito may be the most loved/hated fighter ever.  His fans are die hard borderline Fedor-fanatical, but there is also a huge group of MMA fans who HATE him for his gimmick-y T Shirts back in the day, and his grave digging celebrations.

Josh Koscheck– He became a bad guy before it was marketable to BE a bad guy.  In fact he may be the the pioneer of the marketable heel in MMA.  Yes Tito Ortiz played the role before Koscheck came along, but Koscheck came along as the UFC exploded and his career was on the way up while Tito’s was on the way down.  Koscheck loves to antagonize opponents and fans alike, but it’s only because he knows it will sell tickets and PPV’s.  I met Josh Koscheck in NJ at a GNC while he was doing a promotional appearance for TUF…remember this was TUF 1, so me and my buddy were the only people there so i got to talk to him amd Mike Swick for an hour…he’s a nice guy.

Jacob Volkmann– Relatively unknown before his Obama comments TWICE, I just think he is a corny Chael Sonnen wannabe.  His jokes aren’t funny, his delivery is awkward, and his fighting ability is mediocre at the elite level.  After his last threat to rip off Obama’s arm he was put on administrative leave from the school he coaches at AGAIN.  Unfortunately making stupid comments garners you attention…in this case undeserved attention.

Honorable mentions for men in the UFC universe that you may or may not hate…

Dominick Cruz– When you have beef with one of the most popular fighters in the organization…you will be hated.

Frank Mir– Some people may dislike his cocky demeanor…and his hair cut.

Diego Sanchez– Changing your nickname makes you a douche right off the bat…A nickname is GIVEN to you.  Plus, he tried to harness the energy from lightening.

Alistair Overeem– If you believe the horse meat story, your probably a fan…If you don’t, then you probably hate him.

So who do you hate?