Who?…The American Gangsta

The self proclaimed American Gangsta from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon tells his tale.

You may not like Chael, you may hate his ‘schtick’, think he’s a cheater, a felon, a pretender to the throne and you may be right. Despite what you might think of the man, his past and or his talent, you gotta give the guy credit for being creative.

This ‘American Gangsta’ bit is brilliant, it’s satirical, lyrical and topical in one fell swoop. The man knows how to craft an act, to write a joke and to deliver on cue. His timing is impeccable, the general rule of thumb for comedians is 500 shows, that’s the magic number. When you’ve performed around 500 times, you start to build your voice. 500 shows takes a long time, Chael has achieved in just 30-50 ‘shows’ and 1-2 years, what takes most comedians ten years to accomplish.

George Lopez, 20 years before you knew who he was, Seinfeld 20, Jim Carey 15, the list goes on and on. 15-20 years to ‘get noticed’ and Chael did it in 1-2 years. Say what you will, the man has talent, and he may just become the next Middle Weight Champ…I said MAY.

That’s It!

Anthony Dominguez

Rumble young man Rumble