Who to Replace Overeem?

OK, so Alistair Overeem failed his pre-UFC 146 drug test (with elevated T/E levels). Now what?

If Overeem is dropped from the card, which is extremely likely, what happens?

If I let my imagination run wild: a rejuvenated Brock Lesnar, having tasted WWE action again, is brought back to fight Dos Santos: One last glorious bout, finishing out his contract and allowing him to retire knowing he took every shot he could to win in MMA. But that’s ridiculous.

What’s probably going to happen is either Mir gets the title shot and maybe Verdum goes against Velasquez, or Velasquez gets the rematch and Mir faces Verdum. Of course, they could bring someone other than Verdum in, but I can’t think of anyone (Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva perhaps) else qualified to be brought up… then maybe Tim Sylvia faces Roy Nelson? OK, we’re back in silly town.

What about Matt Mitrione? Mitrione vs. Nelson would be fun.

Oh, I know: Fedor!

Throw Fedor in the mix. Fedor vs. Dos Santos? I don’t know about that one… Fedor vs. Velasquez? Again, I don’t see it happening. Fedor vs. Frank Mir? Maybe. But probably not.

It’s a shame Shane Carwin isn’t ready yet…