Who wants a job?

It’s a tough economy, it’s tough to find a job. It’s even tougher to make a career out of Fighting/Wrestling/Comedy and a number of other things we all love. Apparently the UFC is taking a novel approach to hiring fighters, you can apply on their site. Yup, just like the rest of the unemployed looking for a desk job, the UFC has an application process for fighters.

We found hits both funny and great at the same time. It makes sense, we just never thought about hiring a Fighter the same way you would a secretary, through an Application, submitting a resume and having your work history/references checked. It’s funny to us.  Never the less, it’s a great opportunity for aspiring fighters, just click and submit same as every other job in the world. We can’t wait to see the UFC booth at a job fair, and a ton of fighters lined up to apply while all of the Corporate suits look on in amazement, what a sight that will be.

Rumble young man Rumble