Who’s a Better Fight for JDS: Brock or Overeem?

In a matter of days, this question will be moot, but while we have a few moments, let’s quickly ponder the question: Who is best matched to take on Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Belt: Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem?

Overeem the Obvious Choice?
JDS is an excellent boxer. His striking is sublime. He has skills on the ground, for sure, holding a brown belt in BJJ. But it is his stand-up that is his strongest suit. This matches Overeem well, given his natural striking ability and championship runs in K-1. Overeem would seem the obvious choice for a good bout against JDS.

However, history has shown that when two mixed martial artists with similar strengths face each other, often they cancel each other out in their area of strength and the fight ends up in secondary areas. Two wrestlers stand and strike, while to strikers wrestle. We’ve seen this play out over and over.

Brock FTW?
Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, is primarily a wrestler. His striking has shown marked improvement over his last few bouts, but it’s his take-downs and ground & pound that have been his bread & butter. How would he fare against the boxing skills of JDS?

We know that Brock (like most people) doesn’t appear to like getting hit. More than in any other fight, Cain Velasquez revealed that. He does have a solid chin, as Shane Carwin (who hits really, really hard) showed us, as Carwin was unable to KO Brock and Brock came back to beat him. I don’t know if JDS hits as hard as Carwin. JDS wasn’t able to KO Roy Nelson (although Roy has proved to have a pretty solid chin himself).

If Brock can take JDS down, we have an interesting match. Can JDS use his BJJ to gain position and submit Brock? Mir was able to do that, but when Brock got on top of Mir in their second fight, Brock took the victory.

Will we get to find out?
If history is our guide, and recent history moreso, we can predict that the winner of Lesnar v. Overeem will need some time to heal. JDS is on track to be ready to go soon, so hopefully we’ll have two healthy fighters after UFC 141 and we can see this match-up in the coming months.

Wouldn’t it be the perfect summer UFC?

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