We can’t really think of a good reason for Kimbo Slice to be back competing in MMA. He’s been KO cans in Boxing for a while now, making some money, doing some acting, making some money and not getting taken down at will. Plus, his knees are/were in pretty bad shape, hence part of his horrific takedown defense. With the kind of stress that MMA training, and fighting puts on your body, we can’t figure out why Kimbo would make another run.
The obvious answer is MONEY. Sure, there is that. Also, exposure on Spike TV isn’t a bad thing. Plus, the rumors are that he will be matched accordingly. Which means, he will most likely be facing other stand up strikers who don’t want to take him down or get taken down. In other words, his fights will be ‘gentleman’s agreements’ to keep it standing.
We are all for watching Kimbo KO cans in boxing, not so excited to see him back in the cage. Plus, there is no way that man is only 40! We were told he was pushing 50 when he started MMA by some sources close to him, we believed that at the time. Our best guess, is the man is in his late 50’s. Chew on that.

Oh, and watch Kimbo talk to Jimmy about his signing, if you must.

Rumble young Kimbo Rumble.