Why Uncle Dana? Why?

Read that heading in ‘Cee Lo Green’s’ voice. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed the resident ‘King of Smack Talk’, the UFC’s very own Chael Sonnen will be facing all American (and subsequently smack talk untouchable) Brian Stann. Depriving us, the loyal viewer of quite possibly Chael’s best material. Let’s face it, Chael’s been gone for 14 months, what do you think he’s been doing? If you watched Ariel Helwani’s Backstage video (see below for your amusement), I would say he’s been writing. Crafting routine after routine aimed at a select number of opponents, Brian Stann I suspect was not on that list. There are chunks and chunks of material sitting on his laptop, gathering dust till the Stann affair is over and done with, as a comic, I can feel his pain. It physically hurts to let great material go unused, you feel it in your gut. As a fan of comedy, I feel deprived. Chael entertains me in a way few people do. He brings absurdity and hilarity (not always in that order, and sometimes xenophobia or the comments bordering on the line of….let’s not get into all of that, let’s just laugh at or with him, you decide) to every endeavor he participates in. His trash talk of Anderson was/is legendary. The line in the video below about the Noguiera Brothers feeding a Bus a carrot and then petting it are worth the price of admission. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see the Stann Fight, it puts Chael in a precarious position, not a ‘gimmie’ fight by any means. It’s a step up in competition for Stann. The only downside is the lack of great smack talk Chael had in his back pocket for Lyoto Machida. Right now, there are approximately 300 ‘urine drinking’ one liners on Chael’s laptop, sitting there, making no one laugh but himself, that my friends is a travesty. I ask again, Why Uncle Dana? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.