Will Roy be a 1 man coaching team?

Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson is trying to put together his ‘Dream Team’ for his stint on The Ultimate Fighter opposite Shane Carwin. So far he’s run into a few problems with his picks. Namely on King Mo Lawal. King Mo was released by Zuffa after failing a post fight drug test, which he followed by calling an Athletic Commissioner a number of names in a Twitter tirade that got him immediately released. King Mo is currently signed by Bellator and TNA in a first of it’s kind deal that allows Mo to wrestle and fight, thus collecting 2 paychecks and keeping buys/fit at the same time. The rub comes from the Bellator/TNA deal, the UFC probably isn’t interested in promoting a fighter from a different promotion, especially one who gained the ire of the Athletic Commission.

Roy is now trying to put together a team without his first choices, and in typical (read humorous) fashion, Roy has published his list of coaches, both banned and non banned  for his TUF season. As it stands, Roy will be the entire coaching staff, a one man army of coaches. We probably won’t know who’s actually on his staff until the series airs, until then, view the Dream Team assemble by Big Country, and if you have a moment, google Victor Conte, it will be worth your while.

From Roy Nelson:

Here are my Assistant/Guest Coaches. The non-ufc coaches will be helping but not on the set because they are black, criminals, white, Olympian, Great TV … (disclaimer I have no idea, just opinion)

Muhammed Lawal -Kurt Angle -Victor Conte

Royce Gracie -James Johnson -Jeff Mayweather -George St. Pierre -Nick Diaz -Nate Diaz -Rashad Evans -Forrest Griffin -Chael Sonnen -Jake Shields -Gilbert Melendez -Martin Kampmann -Amir Sadollah -Mike Pyle -Gray Maynard -Ron Frazier -Anthony Brown

I am a student first, teacher second. Let give theses kids an opportunity of a life time. A UFC SUPER CAMP

Rumble young man Rumble