bjornCome on Bellator, specifically your Bjorn. What the F23K are you doing? You let Hector go no problem, but now you are screwing Eddie left and right. The best years of his fighting career are slowly slipping away because you are in a pissing contest. THe contracts are not the same, any moron can see that. You don’t do PPV’s. Your model is different, accept that and let the man continue his career. You F23King suck.

In case your wondering what’s got me so pissed, it’s this. Eddie Alvarez is still balls deep in this frivolous law suit with Bellator. It’s frivolous because it’s not needed, Eddie is right and Bellator is wrong, black and white. Thankfully, one judge has some sense. See below for his recent ruling.

“In deciding the instant motion to dismiss, this Court must accept allegations in Alvarez’s counterclaim as true,” wrote Judge Linares. “Accepting the validity of Bellator’s argument would require this Court to make a factual determination that Bellator, in fact, had a legitimate business-related justification for proposing a contract to Alvarez purporting to match the Zuffa offer. It would be inappropriate for this Court to make a factual determination at this stage.”