Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 5.40.24 PMNate Diaz, and Nick Diaz are two of my favorite MMA fighters. As of late they have been making it hard for me to say that. Really hard.

On Nate Diaz’s twitter (since been removed) he called the recipient of Pat Healy’s stripped bonuses a ‘Fag’, leading some media to speculate he was referring to Dana White (way to speculate guys). In actuality it was Bryan Carraway he was calling out. Today, Mike Kogan, Diaz’s manager (who’s job got more difficult the day Diaz signed on the dotted line) posted a response detailing what Diaz meant by his derogatory statement and how the word ‘Fag’ means punk, b1tch or punk b1tch in NorCal, and presumable elsewhere. I’m sure San Fran and West Ho would disagree vehemently.

Great spin Mike. What he meant isn’t the problem. Nate Diaz is entitled to his opinion. It’s how he said it that is the problem. In today’s world of political correctness and corporate pressures, a man of Nate’s age should know better than to use an inflammatory term like this. I’m not real pc myself, and have in the past used ‘fag’, ‘homo’, and ‘gay’ in ways I thought were perfectly okay, fast forward to today, I can’t remember the last time I used any of the last 3 referenced terms. What changed? I grew up, realized that words have strength, and hate attached to them. My gay friends would be appalled and disrespected if I was running around calling people fag, gay or homo in any context, positive or negative.

This leads us to the problem I foresee in Nate’s future. He doesn’t realize that what he said doesn’t fly. Here’s why.

In our own little circles, we do and say things that don’t offend, because our circles understand who we are and what our true meanings are. It’s why we poke fun at each others race, creed, religion, sexual orientation etc, family and friends can joke with each other. Yet, outside of your circle, the jokes don’t translate. Calling your buddy a ‘fag’ in your circle of friends might be a term of endearment, in the real world it’s an insult for many and a hate term for the rest. The Diaz brothers are notoriously difficult to understand and often live in a world full of rules the rest of us aren’t aware of. This in itself is part of why I rally behind the Diaz’s, it’s also why they get into so much trouble. In this instance, I want to rally, to yell that “Word’s don’t mean a damn thing. He has the right to say what he wants.” It’s what I want to say, yet, I can’t seem to. He does have the right to say what he wants, we have the right to not like it. I don’t like it.

I don’t believe Nate was using hate speech, or a homophobic slur to hurt anyone, he was just being ‘real’ and calling a punk out. Nick and Nate are ‘real’. Being ‘real’ comes with consequences. It’s time Nate took a second to understand those consequences.