WTF UFC? Televise Guida/Henderson!

So the UFC has announced that along with the “Ali/Foreman”-type match of Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos, the undercard will feature Clay Guida taking on Ben Henderson for the number one contender slot in the lightweight division.

But it’s only guaranteeing the Velasquez/Dos Santos fight will be televised as part of its Fox fight night event*. WTF?!

Clay/Henderson promises to be one of the most exciting fights of the year, in a year that’s had a lot of exciting fights!!! We’re talking about two guys with endless gas tanks, strong wrestling and solid striking! How can they not televise this fight?!?

Anthony Pettis beat Ben Henderson with a freak matrix-style off-the-cage kick and then Clay Guida mauled Pettis for three rounds to get to this point. Jim Miller was on an impressive winning streak when Ben Henderson dominated him to take the victory. This fight has powerful potential promotional push!

Keep in mind, I’m a guy who loves to see heavyweights in the cage. I don’t gravitate towards the lighter weight match-ups. But this is one… let me put it to you this way: I believe Henderson/Guida has more potential to be an exciting fight that Edgar/Maynard. Certainly more than Velasquez/Dos Santos.

Get it together, UFC, Fox: Televise this fight!



*Since they’re only “guaranteeing” the main event, I find myself in the position of really rooting for a knock-out. A quick one. So they can get the Guida/Henderson fight on the air! What am I saying… I’m always rooting for a knock-out!