Edson Barboza is (as I mentioned in my UFC 142 predictions) making a STRONG case as the BEST striker in the UFC’s LW division.  He is also the PERFECT example for this UFC fighter pay issue that the MMA world is consumed with right now.  He is 4-0 in the UFC, with 3 of his 4 fights earning him bonuses.  I’m sure he made more money from just one bonus than all 4 fight purses…You perform, you get paid.  Having said that, I will state again that I think the beginning fighter salaries should be raised.

Back to Barboza…he’s a (real) BADASS, now we just need to see how well rounded he is.  Throw him in there with a smothering wrestler and let’s see how he does.  Personally I hope he times a knee with the shot that one of these “lay and pray” ‘ers throws and KTFO’s them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fall quite like Terry Etim’s “TIMBER!” moment.  I’m a big fan of Barboza ever since his fight with Anthony Njokuani…great fight.  He also landed a spinning wheel kick in that fight too, it only stunned Njokuani, and probably won Barboza the fight.