You hear about Tim Sylvia & Strikeforce?

Tim Sylvia, former UFC heavyweight champion, has been campaigning. He has tweeted, blogged, video blogged, fought in regional promotions… taken every opportunity to get back into the UFC, and thus far, has fallen short.

He has gathered fans, however, and since he was a champion, MMA sites have commented on his attempt, including MMA Rants Today. I’ll admit: I was ambivalent before, but I now want to see Sylvia succeed.

So when MMA news sites started publishing that Tim Sylvia had signed a multi-fight (5 fights on some sites) deal with Strikeforce/Zuffa and that his first bout would be with Daniel Cormeir, I’ll admit, I was happy to hear that, and started mentally breaking down the match-up.

I mean, I also commented on such a possibility before, although I kinda laughed it off.

Unfortunately, it appears everybody, in their enthusiasm to see Sylvia succeed, got suckered in by a troll, as noted in the Underground. And, really, when you think about it, the story falls apart.

According to all the reports, Sylvia signed a multi-fight deal with either Strikeforce (who’s getting rid of their heavyweight division, and haven’t announced a new “super heavyweight” division (Sylvia’s been fighting over 260) and is unlikely to… or Zuffa. But even if you think he’s moving to the UFC with Cormier after they fight, there’s no reason Zuffa would reward him with a multi-fight deal. That’s not their usual mode of doing business with guys in Sylvia’s position (not that there’s too many close to being in Sylvia’s position, but….).

Also, you’ll notice that no report had a statement from Sylvia, his management or Dana White/UFC…

And while Sylvia’s certainly made a case for coming back on fan appeal alone, he has had difficulty finding the kind of competition needed to prove he can still fight at the UFC level.

So, yeah, it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little while longer… but hang on, Tim, and keep fighting!